Thursday, August 23, 2007

A seres on the basic of Christianity

4) Basics, But there is much more

1) A Heart that is pure.
2) Love that is blind.
3) Faith that is firmly grounded in Christ, (which is the word of God)
4) The Hope of our Salvation

Heart that is Pure

Beginning text is Matthew 22:36-38

Matthew 5:8 God blesses those whose hearts are pure for they will see God

1) A Heart Transformation
The starting point of Christianity is a Heart Transformation from death unto life
The heart in this content is the Spirit of man. Jesus said unless you be born again John 3:3 you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. You do this by Faith and confession. You believe in your heart that Jesus is the Son of God and that God had raised him from the dead. Then confess with your mouth that Jesus is your personal Lord and Savior Romans 10:9-13. This is done by faith and the grace of God not by any thing you can do to earn it. Ephesians 2:1-10

After we have accepted Jesus in our Spirit we under go a heart change. Heart in this content is the Mind, Will, and Emotions. The Soul of man, we do this by renewing our minds daily to the word of God Romans 12:1,2.

The word of God does several things
a) It shows us Gods character.
b) Leads and guides you in the direction God has for your life.
c) It protects you from pit falls and traps from the devil.
d) Teaches you how to walk in love with your fellow man.
e) Helps you get rid of the garbage in you mind (stinking thinking)
f) Teaches you how to praise and worship God.
And much more if you will take the time to study it

I believe that prayer, praise and the studying the word of God is vital to a Christian’s life you really can’t live right without it.

2) A Heart Motive (Attitude)

When God judges a man he doesn’t judge the outward appearance of man but the heart. Heart in this content is the thought and intentions (motives)
We as Christians are supposed to have a heart of compassion for one another not hatred and Unforgivness. We are to love them as Jesus did from the heart not from the head with lip service. Love is not a feeling but an act of your will Love demands action you must do it. Jesus gave us plenty of examples to follow just look through the gospels and see. John 13:34,35: 1 Peter 1:22 John 15: 12,10-17 1 Timothy 1:5

When you do anything it should as if we are doing it unto Jesus, we ought to want to pleases Jesus not to earn his love we have it already, but because he first love us.
Jesus said as you have done it unto the least of these you have done it unto me.

In the area of giving you are to give with a cheerful and pure heart with the right motive not looking for a return. I am not just talking about money here, but in every area of your giving. James 4:3

We should be people of integrity and faithfulness. Psalms 24:3-6
Having a pure heart is not one who is a liar, a thief, or quick to get into trouble in actions or spreading gossip. We are to be a people that can be trusted and is willing to go the extra mile. We say that we trust God, but can God trust you?
Do we do what is right or do we under pressure compromise what we believe because we are afraid of what others will say about you, ashamed of who you are, or when the stuff hits the fan and you are faced with the decision to lie or tell the truth. Only you can answer that question. If you had made mistakes as God for forgiveness and go on and start doing the right thing and do it Gods way.

We should be people willing to love no matter what the cost. We should be people who can be trusted, faithful to do what we are to do and not be sneaky.

Remember we are Jesus with skin on, what Jesus is the world seeing in you?