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Turn to Mark 11:25,26
Jesus tells us when you stand praying and have anything against anyone forgive him that your Father in Heaven may also forgive you of your trespasses.

1) A way for people to give to somebody is to forgive and pray for them, For example: like Job He prayed for his enemies and was restored double for his trouble.

2) Love is part of forgiveness without it we can do nothing. 1Cor 13:4-8, Rom 5:5 Forgiveness is a form of giving. And Gods love.

Mark 11:26
But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your trespasses.

1) People are trying to be happy and to enjoy their life, but they are full of Bitterness, Anger, Resentment, Unforgiveness, and Offence then people get mad at God and at them self. This is a Major problem with people today.

Forgiveness is a vital part of our life, without it every part of our Christian walk will suffer, our health our fianc├ęs our social life etc…

Matthew 5:44

Jesus said for us to love our enemies and to good to those who hurt us. Look up in the new king James.

If you expect God to forgive instantly then we should grow to that level in our Christian life and do the same thing.

1) Let Resentment go Resentment is very toxic it robs you of your joy. Don’t give place to the devil Eph4: 25-32. If Satan can’t steal your joy he can’t get your goods.

2) Resentment eats away at you, it is like a tape recorder playing over and over in your mind.
3) The Solution to this problem is to walk in the God kind of love John 13:34,35 Romans 5:5.

Matthew 18:21,35

Peter asked Jesus a question how often shall my brother sin a against me, and I forgive him? Up to 7 times?

Vs: 22 Jesus said to him” I do not say to you up to 7 times but to 70 times 7 read the Parable.

1) Jesus said that we are not to be surprise offences will come Matthew 18:7
2) You loose your joy because of holding Resentment, bitterneness, Anger, and offence
3) Don’t give the Devil a foot hold, because words hurt and they are very powerful Matthew 12:34-37
4) There are things that people took from you that they will never be able to pay back.
Give an example of something that happen to you in your life.
I was abuse as a Child, I lost my family in an accident because of a drunk man going to the bathroom in the middle of the street and my Mother swerved to miss the man and flipped the car killing both my Mother and Sister.
I became very angry, Resentful, then bitter. I started to take out my problems on people who had nothing to do with it, Like Family and Friends. I felt like someone owed me something, because I missed out of my Childhood and the lost of my Family I wanted them to repay me back what was taken from me.

People in the Past can’t repay you and people you are with now can’t repay you, But God can.

GOD Said in His word, He will be our vindicator, He will repay you back, If we will do what God said love and pray for your Enemies, do good to those who use you and hurt you and He will repay you double for your trouble.
Just like Job he prayed for his friends and the Lord restored his fortune 2 fold.
1) God word will shine a light on you and you will start to get under conviction when you start holding resentment towards people.
Question to think about: When was the last time you were perfect.

The Parable of the prodigal son is of a Fathers love and Forgiveness towards his child. Luke 15:11-32

Unforgivness can cause a lot of problems in your life. From not forgiving people who have hurt you and holding a grudge can cause sin, sickness, and possible later in life premature death.

UnForgiveness will separate you from fellowship with God ,Not the relationship with God. When you walk in unForgiveness your walking in the devils trap. Plus you open up a door for the enemy to do what he wishes to do. We are not under Gods protection at that time. Because we are not in Fellowship with Him at that time.

Forgiveness starts with a decision and followed through with Gods word.
Start praying for someone else that hurt you then the unforgiveness will go away.
Pray for and bless those who do wrong to you.
To Bless = to speak well of that person.
You can enjoy your life if you want to, but you can’t if you are full of Anger, Resentment, and Bitterness.

Read about God’s mercies Lam 3:23 they are new every morning. Forgetting yesterday and its mistakes, if you asked God for forgiveness it’s under the blood of Jesus.

5) God forgives and forgets our sins and doesn’t remember them. Isaiah 43:25 He said to put Him in remembrance of this.
6) After you have asked God for forgiveness then receive your forgiveness right then.


Un-Forgiveness can stop Gods blessings in your life. For example: it can stop Healing, Prosperity, and soundness of mind. It can stop your Faith from working the way it should.

Example: My Pastor told us about a time he went to visit a woman in the Hospital and when he was in the room he over heard the woman on the phone state that She refused to Forgive the person who hurt her. Even though Pastor prayed God couldn’t heal her because the woman’s heart wasn’t right she was full of un-forgiveness, bitterness, anger, and Resentment.
Matthew 18:32. we are not in fellowship with God at that time.

1) God is an a example of forgiveness to us as a natural Parent is to their Children God forgives us and restores us back into fellowship when we ask for forgiveness .We as parents are to be doing the same when our Children make mistakes and ask us to forgive them. You see we didn’t loose Relationship with the Father when we sin, just Fellowship.

2) Give a personal experience like in the car.
Kids give us an example of forgiveness, one minute they are at each others throat and the next minute they are back to playing with each other again, not remembering what they were fighting about in the first place.

8) How you receive forgiveness you ask God to forgive you for the things you have done right away don’t wait to later. 1 John 1:9
We as Humans have a hard time forgiving people, but God doesn’t have a hard time forgiving us. Jesus said to the Father while hanging on the Cross Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.

1) God will take our sins and through them as far as the East is from the west and remember them no more forever.
Hebrews 4:15,16 Jesus understands our weakness He knows were not perfect.

We hear this form people saying I will forgive, but I will not forget. This is not Gods way of forgiving.

True forgiveness is when you forgive and forget like God said to do, because if you don’t forgive God can’t forgive you God doesn’t remember your sins why should you?

Conclusion: Just because God is merciful and Forgives and forgets our sins, that doesn’t give a license to sin.
This doesn’t mean that we are to be light hearted and take some kind of (I don’t care Attitude towards sin and live the way you want and talk the way you want and that God will forgive you and bless you anyway). (THAT IS CALLED GREASEY GRACE.)

I’m talking about people who with the right Attitude and heart. People who get up everyday and do the best even though it is not perfect.
You should do your best and trust God to do the rest.

These kinds of people have a perfect heart, but not always a perfect performance.

End in Prayer:

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