Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Power of One

I hope Pastor Erik will forgive this slight intrusion on his sermon page, but there seems to be a message that is running though the vains of the Body of Christ in these days, bringing to it strength that has not been felt in a long time. It is the message of finding ourselves in Christ.

Now I'm not going to do the whole sermon bit. I'm just going to share from my heart. Sister Diane, the pastor's wife, has spoken twice to the church and both times it has been about unity. I believe this is the Holy Spirit working within her. For I also can testify that the Lord has been speaking to me mightily about being unified in Christ.

If we are not found in Christ we have nothing. NOTHING. If we are found in Christ we have all the blessings and riches of God.

The message Sister Diane brought was to keep alive that spiritual fervor. The message I received from the Lord was that of fires in various stages of burning. Some burned brightly, some were going out, yet if they were united all flames would burst alive in a newness of life. This is the first message of unity. It rekindles the fire within us.

Second all things are given to the Son by the Heavenly Father, because of His obedience which took Him to the cross for our sins. Therefore, when we are in Christ the Father no longer sees our sin, but sees only His perfect Son. And to the Son has been given all things, not just the power over riches, health and spiritual forces, but the power of Kingship. We, who are in Christ, are Jesus with skin on, as Pastor Erik is fond of saying. We are IN HIM Jesus to the world and as such have received all power and authority from the Father.

Do you think I am overstating myself? Do you think I am preaching heresy? Then I ask you to read John chapter 17 and ask yourself if living in Jesus is being one with Him as He has asked that we be, even as HE IS WITH THE FATHER. These are not my words. Now is not the time to bicker over doctrinal disputes, but to unite and flame up with the fire of the Holy Spirit that the world might see Jesus. It's time for us to claim our inheritance and utilize the authority we have in Jesus that we can wage war against the enemy of our soul. In short, it's time to take a stand. Do we have the faith to stand in Christ, or are we weak and unwilling to take on the burden of authority granted to us by our Heavenly Father, purchased by the blood of our Lord and Savior, even Jesus? The choice is yours today. Chose wisely. - Brother David

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